How Much Do Plastic Pallets Cost?

Supply chain expenses may be telling you that it’s time to find new avenues to reduce costs. Are you currently using wood and other heavy-duty pallets that quickly add up in shipping expenses?

Switching from wood pallets to sustainable plastic pallets can help reduce shipping expenses, resulting in long-term savings. However, with numerous types of plastic pallets to choose from at varying costs, it might be hard to make the switch. In the content below, we explore the different plastic pallets components that influence value and explore how much plastic pallets truly cost.

Plastic Pallet Cost Benefits

Buying a new pallet for every load quickly adds up after continually restocking your supply. However, if you use plastic pallets for more than one-way shipping applications, you can buy pallets and reuse them for other shipping and storage needs. Built to last and perform well over time, reusable pallets are durable and easy to clean.

Although plastic pallets have a higher purchase price than wooden pallets, their durability and longevity of up to 10-years, or 250 trips, exponentially increase their value. Therefore, the higher initial price points are offset by longer life cycles, reduced risk of injury, and contamination due to nails, broken wood. 

Plastic Pallet Cost According to Types of Pallets

When exploring the base cost of purchasing a pallet, first assess your desired plastic pallet type. You have multiple options to select from, each available at various material price points.

New and Recycled Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are available for both one-time shipping and reusable applications. Depending on the quantity and quality of pallets you purchase, the price per unit ranges from $10 to upwards of $80. However, if ordering in bulk or purchasing common models, you can estimate purchasing new plastic pallets at extremely reasonable rates. Additionally, understanding the materials used in recycled pallet production helps ensure that you select the best pallet for your industry needs.

Used Plastic Pallets

Because the previous owner paid to have the plastic pallet made, your costs are significantly less. With multiple pallet types spanning between $5 and $50 per unit, used plastic pallet are very affordable. Therefore, without compromising quality, buying used plastic pallets is an excellent way to reduce overall pallet costs.

Custom Plastic Pallets

Customizing plastic pallets can be a pricey pallet purchasing method. However, if your niche industry requires specific measurements or features, it’s a valid option. The estimated cost of custom plastic pallets depends on materials used, pallet design, the quantity, and the quality of the product. Therefore, request a quote from a trusted manufacturer or consult with a pallet expert for a more accurate cost estimate.

Pallet Capacity

For businesses utilizing pallets for various export and shipping needs, consider your pallet capacity.

Economical Pallets

Are you looking for an inexpensive plastic pallet to try before switching from wood pallets? Economical plastic pallets are reliable products that also help reduce overall pallet costs. Below, we discuss two great light-weight pallet types to try: stackable and nestable.

Stackable Pallets

Light-weight and easier on the budget, economical stackable plastic pallets can cost as low as $17.99 per unit. Economical stackable pallets are typically a nestable pallet with 3-6 runners added creating a stackable and possibly rackable pallet. There are also good quality and reasonably priced rackable pallets that do not utilize snap on runners.  Due to their low cost, they are great for purchasing in small quantities before completely transitioning from wood to plastic pallets. Additionally, economical stackable pallets serve as a reliable and budget-friendly option for both one-way shipping and air cargo.

Nestable Pallets

The nestable feature reduces a return trip’s shipping cost without compromising the product’s quality or the pallet’s strength. On average, nestable pallets lower transport costs and decrease storage fees up to 75%. They do so by only taking one-quarter of the space when nested together as compared to other designs. Their base purchase price can be as low as $8.49 per pallet

Nestable pallets are favorites for use in warehouses, distribution centers, and for transportation from factories to warehouses or retail centers. However, the most common application for nestable pallets is one-time shipping.

Heavy-Duty Pallets

While more expensive than light-weight pallets, heavy-duty pallets are durable and provide a low cost per trip. Below, we explore two excellent heavy-duty pallet types: rackable and export.

Rackable Pallets

Rackable pallets are heavy-duty and work perfectly with a racking system and large loads. These pallets are known for their durability, strength, and safe design with impact-resistant features. Additionally, they save coveted warehouse floor space when paired with storage racking systems. These pallets work with any industry and warehouse, perfect for processing, manufacturing, and distribution. These pallets also work well with automation.

Rackable plastic pallets cost between approximately $25 and $110 per unit, depending on the product’s quality.

Export Pallets

Export pallets are designed to withstand transportation of long distances under heavy weight. They can be made from HDPE or recycled plastic (PE or PP) and are strong, durable, and environmentally friendly. They are generally thought of as “send-and-forget” pallets that work well for one-way shipping applications.

Dependent upon the quality and if you want light-weight or heavy-duty models, export plastic pallets cost between $15 and upwards of $165 per unit.

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