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You can be free from shipping and storage frustrations.
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You can be free from
shipping and storage frustrations.
Our pros can help.

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The shipping industry is changing... are you?

Companies are transitioning to plastic pallets because plastic...

Helps the Earth

Plastic pallets are 100% recyclable, making them much lighter than a typical wood pallet and keeping them from landfills. They can be reused, repaired, and repurposed.

Lasts Longer

The average plastic pallet lifespan is 10 years or 250 trips. Compare this to 5-6 trips for wood pallets that weaken with use and require repairs in between.

Saves You Money

Since plastic pallets last longer and aren't prone to breakage, and they can be nested and stored efficiently, the money you save long-term is greater than buying wooden pallets.

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Plastic Pallets for the Planet

Commitment to Sustainability

Plastic pallets are driving sustainability goals for many trades and we are committed to ensuring the industry harnesses the power of plastic. Allow us to help you meet your sustainability goals and satisfy the demands of your eco-friendly customers with new and/or used plastic pallets, recycled plastic pallets, and utilizing our Plastic Pallet Pros buyback program.

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