Why Do You Need a Pallet Expert?

As you search for plastic pallets, how do you determine which ones to buy? Size, style, and loading capacity are all important factors to consider when looking at the different types of plastic pallets available. If you feel inundated by your search, consider consulting with a pallet expert! A pallet expert will have the experience necessary to order and properly assist you with selecting any type of plastic pallet. In the content below, we define and discuss why you need a pallet expert and how they can help answer your questions.

What is a Plastic Pallet Expert?

A plastic pallet expert is just that: a person with expert knowledge about all things relating to plastic pallets. He or she can provide reliable information about plastic pallet types based on style, size, and their intended applications. If you plan to store your pallets when not in use, a pallet expert will guide you towards rackable or nestable pallets to maximize your warehouse’s available floor space. The best pallet expert will have industry experience and be knowledgeable about a variety of pallets. Experience or education in fields like logistics and supply chain are beneficial characteristics of a pallet expert as well.

What Should I Share with a Plastic Pallet Expert?

As you discuss logistics with your pallet expert, don’t leave out any details. They should be informed about the type of machinery and products you operate with to ensure the pallets you select are properly equipped. It’s important to be aware of the maximum weight each pallet can sustain in the event your shipping loads increase over time. You don’t want to risk any damage or issues during the loading or shipping process.

What Safety Advice Would a Plastic Pallet Expert Give?

Don’t forget about safety! When handling pallets, the standard rules apply. Be careful with your body while stacking or loading items. Don’t stack pallets more than seven high and use a forklift for safe and easy stacking. Make sure to clean the pallets regularly to keep away dirt, germs, or liquids that may have spilled in transit. If your warehouse includes a racking system, stick to the load capacity regulations as exceeding the weight load can quickly become a safety hazard.

Types of Plastic Pallets

When it comes to plastic pallets, there are a variety of options to choose from. Each one will have a specific application. Typically, these are the pallets you can choose from:

  • Stackable: These pallets are designed to maintain stability throughout shipping and while they are stacked.
  • Rackable: Rackable pallets safely store on racks, allowing you to maximize your warehouse floor space.
  • Export: This type of pallet is made for long-distance and international shipping, so it’s important for a durable and dependable material.
  • Economical: An economical pallet is lightweight, durable, and fully protects your materials as they travel to their shipped destination.
  • Nestable: Because nestable pallets “nest” into each other, they save space while in storage. You can stack many pallets as you’d like safely while keeping a sound structure.
  • Used: Used pallets are just that- they have been used by a previous owner, but are still suitable for many applications. Buying used pallets helps lower your overall shipping expenses and reduce your environmental footprint.

Benefits of Plastic Pallets

There are many benefits to using plastic pallets for shipping or storing your company’s products. First and foremost, they are safe and to handle. Wood pallets contain nails and can easily splinter, putting handlers at risk of injury and increase the likelihood of damaged products. Plastic pallets are molded as a single piece and smooth throughout its design. Additionally, many plastic pallets are made with forklift entry, making safe and easy transport throughout a warehouse.

Furthermore, plastic pallets are also resistant to weather conditions. For example, humidity and rain will not damage plastic pallets in any capacity. As they are made entirely of plastic, you no longer need to worry about corrosion.

How to Choose the Right Plastic Pallet

Again, when consulting with your pallet expert, provide as much information as you can. How will the pallets be used? Will they be stacked or double-stacked? Are you intending to utilize a racking system? Are the pallets going to be used for one-way trips or many over time? Finally, calculate how much weight will be placed on the pallet along with the type of load. Each of these features are important to determining exactly which pallets will best serve your applications.

What exactly is a pallet load? There are three main types: a-type, b-type, and c-type.

A-Type Load

This is the basic load that likely comes to mind when you picture a full pallet. Boxes or cartons configured just right so that everything is uniform and all edges are smooth. There are no gaps between boxes and since everything is flush, wrapping is quick and easy. The a-type load is beneficial because a lower gauge of stretch film or lightweight straps are perfectly suited for keeping this load contained.

B-Type Load

The b-type is less uniformed, yet the load still appears as mostly even. The base may be larger than the actual pallet, causing more difficulties in wrapping. In this type load, you may experience a few components poking or tearing through the wrapping. As a result, using a heavier, stronger stretch film will be necessary.

C-Type Load

The most difficult load in the bunch has little to no uniformity in shape. There are numerous odd shapes poking out of the edges, making wrapping quite difficult. Of course, avoiding a load like this is ideal, but sometimes the products can only be stacked in this way. Packaging and wrapping materials need to be extremely strong in order to remain secure.

Plastic Pallet Experts

At Plastic Pallet Pros, we work hard to match you with the right pallet for your shipping and storage necessities. We understand that while plastic pallets might seem simple from far away, choosing the correct one is difficult based on varying applications. Contact us today and get connected with a pallet expert to assist you with purchasing!