What Plastic Pallets Are Best for One-Way Shipping

Generally, plastic pallets are made from a mold, which means that they are all the same size and weight. Plastic pallets are often much lighter than wood pallets which will cut down on shipping costs whether the pallets are loaded or empty. Keep in mind that just because pallets are lightweight, does not mean that they cannot hold heavy items. Plastic export pallets can hold up to 8,800 pounds— which is why they are optimal for one-way shipping!

One-Way Shipping

One-way shipping pallets are great for both export and domestic shipping. Export shipping, or international trade, is a complex process. Goods are distributed or sold to other countries on a large scale, meaning that international trade happens through ships, planes, and even trains. This cannot happen without two important factors: shipping containers and pallets. This, of course, is where plastic pallets come into play.

Often times, one-way shipping is necessary.  When the shipper has no method or need to recover shipping pallets, they are only used to transport goods from one location to the next and are no longer of use to whoever purchased the pallets. One-way pallets are often beneficial to the receiving company because they are typically in very good condition they have not done numerous trips, which means they can be re-used or potentially sold. 

Nestable Pallets

Nestable pallets are ideal for one-way shipping because they are able to do just that: be nested within each other. When they are nested while empty, this greatly cuts down on return freight costs because a larger number of them can be loaded onto the truck for those trips.

Nestable pallets are great for saving storage space (and cost) after they have completed their one-way shipping trip. The amount of plastic nestable pallets that can fit on a transport truck or plane tends to double the amount of wood pallets or non-nestable pallets that can fit there.

B-grade pallets are smart to use for one-way shipping because they are the lightest and most cost-effective pallets that are available. It’s also economic because of the low price and weight, which will also help to cut shipping costs as mentioned above.

Stackable Pallets

There are stackable pallet options that can be used for export or domestic one-way shipping as well. These are low-cost and lightweight. Stackable pallets also allow for holding more freight on a shipping container or truck when double stacked.   To ensure safety, it is important to know how much weight each pallet can hold.

ACM Pallets

Advanced Composite Material or ACM is the least expensive plastic used to make plastic pallets because it is 100% recycled! This means that they are ideal for one-way shipping because lower-cost production = lower purchasing cost.

One-Way Shipping Plastic Pallets

To fulfill your export pallet needs, check out Plastic Pallet Pros! We offer economic pallets, nestable, stackable, ACM, and many more options to ensure the best one-way shipping solution. Feel free to contact us for a quote or to get started on ordering whatever plastic pallets you need!