Finding the Best Plastic Pallets for Your Business

Plastic pallets come in countless sizes, densities, weights, colors, and configurations. As a result, finding the best plastic pallets for your business can feel a bit overwhelming, especially when starting a business. How can you easily and effectively determine the right pallet for you? In the content below, we will explore the different pallet types to help you decide which pallets best suit your business needs.

Best Plastic Pallets for Your Business: Our Top 5 Picks

Suitable for any industry, shipping need, budget, and business application, we explore the best plastic pallet types that could work perfectly for your business. Below are our top five picks!

#1. Nestable Pallets

Durable and able to withstand enormous shipment loads, nestable pallets are favorites for use in warehouses, distribution centers, and for transportation from factories to warehouses or retail centers. Additionally, the most common business application for nestable pallets is one-time shipping.

When using nestable plastic pallets for multiple shipping applications, you can save additional costs. The pallet’s nestable feature reduces a return trip’s shipping cost without compromising product quality or pallet strength. Typically, nestable pallets lower transport costs and decrease storage fees up to 75%. They do so by only taking one-quarter of the space when nested together.

#2. Rackable Pallets

Heavy-duty and compatible with warehouse racking systems, rackable pallets are perfect when working with large loads. These pallets work with any industry and warehouse, perfect for processing, manufacturing, and distribution. Furthermore, rackable pallets also work well with automated systems.

As rackable pallets are designed to function in tandem with a racking system, you can trust that these pallets remain safe and secure while in storage. Impact resistant, they are the perfect companion for products with sanitary requirements as they can be easily cleaned and disinfected.

#3. Stackable Pallets

Like rackable pallets, stackable pallets are designed to maintain maximum stability with or without products loaded. However, these pallets can function without a racking system as they stack well with each other while carrying products.

Light-weight and easy on the budget, stackable pallets are typically fashioned as nestable pallets with 3-6 runners added, creating a stackable and possibly rackable pallet. Due to their low cost, they are great for purchasing in small quantities before completely transitioning from wood to plastic pallets. Additionally, stackable pallets serve as a reliable and budget-friendly option for both one-way shipping and air cargo.

Are you in the food or pharmaceutical industries? If so, stackable pallets may be the best plastic pallets for your business! They are easy to clean and sanitize, highly durable, and a popular choice in automated systems because they are easily maneuvered. Furthermore, they are offered in various styles ranging from vented to solid, making them an easy type of pallet to customize according to your business needs.

#4. Export Pallets

Export pallets are designed to withstand long-distance transportation under heavy weight. They can be made from HDPE or recycled plastic (PE or PP) and are strong, durable, and environmentally friendly. They are generally thought of as “send-and-forget” pallets that work well for one-way shipping applications.

#5. Used Pallets

Is your business looking for plastic pallets on a limited budget? If so, these may be the best plastic pallets for you! Used pallets allow you to find significant savings without sacrificing reliability and quality. Because the previous owner paid to have the plastic pallet made, your costs are significantly less. 

With multiple pallet types priced between $5 and $50 per pallet unit, used plastic pallets are very affordable. Therefore, without compromising quality, buying used plastic pallets is an excellent way to reduce overall pallet costs. It is important to note that used pallets include any of the plastic pallet types described above but may be limited in availability and quantity.

Find the Best Plastic Pallets with Plastic Pallet Pros

Are you still wondering which plastic pallet is best for your business? Our experts are here to help! At Plastic Pallet Pros, our team will guide you in determining the exact plastic pallets needed for your company’s projects or shipments by looking at our current supply to see what we have readily available in our warehouse. 

Once you select your preferred pallet type, we will have them shipped to your warehouse in no time! Contact us today to discuss your pallet needs and obtain a free quote! We look forward to working with you.