Why Buy Used Plastic Pallets?

Plastic pallets have several advantages. They are cleaner, safer, more durable, and easier to use than wood pallets. They also come in many shapes and sizes, so you can find one for any and all of your shipping needs. One variety of plastic pallets you may want to look into is used plastic pallets. Though the word used has different connotations for different people, used pallets are reliable and a great option for your company. Unlike second-hand clothes or a pre-owned car, which tend to have more downsides than not, used plastic pallets have several unique advantages.


The first—and most obvious—benefit of used plastic pallets over new plastic pallets is price. The original buyer of these pallets has already paid the initial cost associated with creating a new plastic pallet. This means you can buy a good quality used plastic pallet for significantly less than the original price. This is fantastic if your company is just starting out, looking to cut down on overall spending, or thinking about switching to plastic pallets. You are able to get the pallets you need for lower prices, which makes them an even bigger asset.

Forgive the pun, but this does come with a cost. Since the pallets have already been used, they may have some signs of previous use which could include small cracks or chips, scuff marks, dust, etc.  It may also be more difficult to give specific specs or performance guarantees. That being said, there are many high-quality used pallets available at a significant savings.


Brand new plastic pallets have a lifespan of five to seven years. While used plastic pallets have been handled, they tend to be on the gently used side. This means that the used plastic pallets you purchase will likely last for several years, despite being used. Depending on your stance, this is also a perk that used pallets have over new.

For example, heavier duty pallets—which are used for foreign exports and domestic shipping of heavy products—are on the more expensive end of the pallet spectrum when purchased new. But, since you would buy them used, you get the quality of a heavy-duty pallet for a price closer to pallets used for local shipping of average goods.


While this is not so much a benefit of used plastic pallets over new ones, it is something important to remember. Quality used pallets are not always easy to come by, especially in larger quantities. That is why it is important to work with a partner that can help ensure you have what you need.  Plastic Pallet Pros has a large network of suppliers and customers they can leverage to help you find what you need. Additionally, since so many varieties of new pallets exist, you should be able to find the specific pallet you are looking for without much trouble.


The number one benefit of used plastic pallets is eco-friendliness.  Because they are used plastic pallets, they are a recycled product.  On top of that, most used plastic pallets were initially produced with recycled plastic. Lastly, plastic is easily recyclable, so when you have finished with your used plastic pallets, they can easily be ground up and used to make more recycled plastic pallets or other plastic products!

As environmental issues have been dominating headlines, this is a great reason to consider used plastic pallets!  Marketing your company as eco-friendly by noting that you purchase used plastic pallets may bring in more customers—or at least more traffic. Additionally, being eco-friendly for its own sake is worth doing. If you’re looking for a way to lessen your carbon footprint or do more for the earth, this is a perfect opportunity. Used pallets offer a simple way to do a little more for the environment without drastically changing your business model. If you already use pallets, or your business plan includes pallets, opting to go with used over new is a quick and simple step towards a more sustainable company.


All of these benefits listed above are great, and important things to remember when you are looking for your next pallet purchase. However, just like with any purchase, there are a few things to be careful about. Before you decide on the specific used pallets you are looking at for sure, here are a few things you should consider.


Though we mentioned durability as a benefit of used pallets earlier, it is still something you should keep in mind as a consideration. Depending on the quality of the pallet and how much it has been used its durability may be affected. However, this will vary from used pallet to used pallet, so it should not be something stopping you from buying used plastic pallets. It should just be something you have in the back of your head while using them.

Seller Reliability

Another important thing to remember is seller reliability. You should be sure you are buying from a legitimate and reputable seller. Some things to look for would be a secure website (which you can recognize with the lock icon in the URL bar), reviews from other customers, and easily accessible contact information.

All in all, used plastic pallets are a great investment. They are less expensive than new pallets, readily available, and better for the planet. Why not look into making the switch today? If you’re interested in looking into used pallets, check out our supply. It changes regularly, so if you can’t find what you are looking for, check back in a few days or contact us. We look forward to working with you.