How to Clean a Pallet for Reuse

Plastic pallets offer a multitude of applications. While typically used to transport and store food, chemical, or pharmaceutical products, plastic pallets can store or transport products for many industries. Although their longevity spans up to 250 trips, plastic pallets can quickly accumulate dirt and grime over time. Therefore, it is important to keep them sanitized to ensure the safety of the products being delivered. In the content below, we explore how to clean a pallet for reuse.

Plastic Pallet Cleaning Method #1: Manual Clean

If you prefer ensuring a job well done by manually cleaning each pallet, this process only requires a few steps. Furthermore, when you only have a handful of pallets to wash, this cleaning process will not take too much time to complete.

First, begin with using an air compressor to clear away any dust, grass, leaves, or other debris.

Next, hose down your pallets with water and scrub the plastic pallets with your preferred type of all-purpose, heavy-duty soap. This will clean off any remaining debris or food spills accumulated from previous shipment trips.

Finally, you can apply a heat treatment to the plastic pallets by using a steam cleaner. The heat will assist in sterilizing the pallets and killing additional germs.

Plastic Pallet Cleaning Method #2: High-Pressure and Automated Washers

When working with pharmaceutical, food, or chemical products to ship, you need to effectively clean plastic pallets for reuse. Therefore, for a deeper clean, use a pressure washer.

One benefit of using plastic pallets is that they are strong and durable, especially when compared to wooden pallets. As a result, plastic pallets can withstand both high-pressured water and stronger soaps.

Pressure washers help to eliminate dirt and residue buildup. Additionally, there are numerous models for different pounds per square inch and gallons of water used per minute. Therefore, this allows you to find the best pressure washer according to your plastic pallet cleaning needs!

Industrial Plastic Pallet Washers

If pallets are being cleaned on a daily or weekly basis, consider buying industrial pallet washers. These are especially beneficial for cleaning and sanitizing TAA-compliant pallets according to government regulations and guidelines.

However, it is imperative that your washer is made of stainless steel to prevent rust or corrosion. As a result, the pallets will remain clean and the pallet washing machine will last longer. Additionally, you can opt to purchase an industrial pallet washer with an accompanying dryer system. This will help reduce your time spent cleaning plastic pallets for reuse!

Like pressure washers, industrial pallet washers come in varying speeds, pounds per square inch used, and gallons per minute. These specifications will affect how quickly and efficiently your pallets are cleaned.

Plastic Pallet Cleaning Method #3: Heat Sterilization

Regardless of a pallet’s application, it is paramount to ensure that each pallet remains sterile. Whether the products transported are for consumption or sterilization, you do not want to risk mixing various chemicals or pharmaceuticals with each other. Therefore, heat sterilization serves as a proper cleaning method for plastic pallets that require high sanitation.

Heat sterilization helps to effectively remove grease, chemicals, or dirt while providing a deep, hygienic clean. However, to ensure a proper heat sterilization treatment, temperatures must reach a minimum of 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, it is important to note that this process should take place in a designated cleaning room. Once cleaned, the plastic pallets can then be wrapped or bagged for storage if they are not needed for immediate use.

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