Standard Pallet Size For a Racking System

Warehouse space and racking systems go hand in hand, and today more warehouses are being built than ever before. When looking at racking systems and their components, there are a lot of things to consider. Before you get deeper into the design phase, you might be wondering what are the standard pallet size used in a racking system?

There isn’t a clear-cut answer to that question, and everyone hates hearing, “It depends.” In this case, it really does depend… on the racking system you are buying them for–an existing system or a new system, the market/industry they will be used in, and the geographical location where they will be put into use.

The Standard Pallet Size

The International Organization of Standardization, to improve the supply chain, approved six different size pallets, one for each of six regions: North America, 40×48; Europe and Asia, 39.37×47.24; Australia, 45.9×45.9; North America, Europe, and Asia, 42×42; Asia, 43.30×43.30; and Europe, 31.50×47.24.

Adopting these standards allows exporters to ship on the appropriately sized pallet from the beginning, saving time and money by not having to transfer goods to local pallets when arriving in the destination country.

There are a variety of standard-sized pallets for North America and are designated by industry. The most common size is 40×48, and it is used in grocery and a vast number of other industries. The other common sizes, by rank, include: 42×42, telecommunications and paint industries; 48×48, used for drums; 48×40, military and the cement industry; 48×42, the chemical and beverage industries; 40×40, the dairy industry; 48×45, automotive; 44×44, drums and chemical; 36×36, beverage; 48×36, beverage, shingles, and packaged paper; 35×45.5, military 1/2 ISO container; and 48×20, the retail industry.

All of these can be used in racking systems as those systems are flexible and can be constructed for use with any size pallet.

Why Use a Racking System?

Why should you even consider using a racking system? The bottom line is, there’s a significant cost saving when you maximize your existing warehouse space. Of course, there is an upfront cost from the racking system itself, including beams, upright frames, accessories, pallets (plastic, of course!), forklifts, and the staff to run the operation, but the bottom line will show the expense to be worth it.

Racking systems also get pallets into a more organized, usable system and off the floor, making it easier for loading pallets and picking them. In addition, they improve worker efficiency while requiring safety measures and training to keep employees free from injury.

Why Use Plastic Pallets in Your Racking System?

Plastic pallets are significantly lighter than their wooden counterparts. This increases cost savings through reduced shipping weight. Further reducing costs for plastic pallets are their lifespan— up to 10 years and 250 trips.

Using RFID technology, plastic pallets work efficiently within a closed-loop supply chain to provide excellent organization and to maximize return on investment. Plastic pallets are earth-friendly because they are completely recyclable, and Plastic Pallet Pros offers a buy-back program to take advantage of that.

In addition, the 2011 Food Safety Modernization Act impacted the pallet industry due to contamination concerns. Plastic pallets meet requirements for food grade and pharmaceutical applications, helping shippers in avoiding contamination. Plastic pallets can be washed to ensure they are keeping their loads safe and sanitary.

Plastic pallets make life easier in the workplace, allowing easy access for forklifts, being free of splinters, nails, screws and loose joints, they are the best of the best. Perfectly engineered to be used in racking of any sort, the different models available are sure to be of use to anybody in the industry considering a racking system or currently using one.

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