Ship Plastic Pallets to Your Location Effortlessly

Pallets keep the supply chain moving, and plastic pallets are the best way to ensure your cargo is free of moisture, bugs, contaminants, splinters, and fasteners that could damage your shipments. Even better, we can ship plastic pallets to your location effortlessly.

Once you’ve selected the pallets that are right for your unique needs, we will fill your order and ship them to the location of your choice. The characteristics of plastic pallets not only make shipping them effortless, but the right pallet will outperform their wood counterparts again and again.

Here’s why:


Plastic pallets are significantly lighter than wood pallets that weigh 30-70 pounds apiece. This impacts your bottom line by increasing cost savings through reduced shipping weight. Further reducing costs for plastic pallets are their lifespan— possibly lasting 10 years and 250 trips, compared to 5-6 trips on average for wood pallets that weaken with use, requiring repairs in-between. 

Closed Loop

Using RFID technology, plastic pallets can work efficiently within a closed-loop supply chain, while wood pallets are part of the open loop supply chain. With a closed-loop supply chain, you will reap the rewards of their durability and longevity.

Lean Manufacturing

The use of plastic pallets supports the practice of lean manufacturing. Thanks to their durability, 10-year potential lifespan, and space-saving characteristics, plastic pallets can be a crucial part of implementing a lean manufacturing system where efficiencies are essential for the product flow and reducing the need for warehouse or storage space.

Earth Friendly

Plastic pallets are also earth-friendly because they are completely recyclable and Plastic Pallet Pros offers a buy-back program. Wood pallets, while biodegradable, are not recyclable and, ultimately, most of them end up in landfills.

Easily Sanitized

The 2011 Food Safety Modernization Act impacted the pallet industry due to contamination concerns. Plastic pallets meet requirements for food grade and pharmaceutical applications, helping shippers who must be vigilant in avoiding contamination. Plastic pallets can be easily cleaned and sanitized to ensure they are keeping their loads safe.

Safety in the Workplace

Making life easier in the workplace is an added benefit as plastic pallets are much lighter and easier to move, reducing strain on muscles. Gone also are splinters, nails, screws and loose joints, keeping workers and forklift tires safe from harm. They also won’t scuff floors, so they are easily used for the display of product when needed.

Design Ships Easily

Thanks to their ability to stack and nest, plastic pallets take up less space when shipping them. Their lighter weight makes them easier to stack and costs significantly less to ship, whether shipping them to your location for the first time or the hundredth time, your shipping and receiving department will appreciate plastic pallets can be shipped to your location effortlessly.

Let’s Get Started

Give us a call at Plastic Pallet Pros today for more information! We would love to show you how plastic pallets are a good investment for your business and help you get started.