TAA Compliant Pallets

When delivering anything to a client, many shipping components need to be examined. Adhering to hygiene and safety protocol is one example. Distributors must ensure all factors remain compliant. However, companies may forget to verify if their shipping pallets are TAA compliant. In the content below, we explain the purpose and importance of TAA compliant pallets and suggest suitable pallet products for your shipping needs.

What Does it Mean to Be TAA Compliant?

TAA refers to the Trade Agreement Act of 1979 under which government agencies may only purchase US-made, designated country end-products or services from the US or another suitable, designated country. End-products consist of articles, materials, and supplies distributed and acquired for public use—like plastic shipping pallets.

Essentially, this act imposes the rule that a company or organization is prohibited from selling the government a product manufactured in a country not covered by the TAA. If your products are fully made in the United States or 50% of your product is from a designated country, you don’t have to worry.

Prohibited countries include:

  • China
  • Russia
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Malaysia
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka

As a result, the TAA requires contractors to certify that each end-product meets the applicable manufacturing requirements.

Why Is It Important for Pallets to be TAA Compliant?

The TAA, though enacted to encourage fair international trade, affects the Unites States government. The government is limited as to where they can acquire end-products. Therefore, if your business deals with any international pallet shipments that directly correlate with government contract orders, everything you send needs to adhere to TAA compliance standards. Furthermore, familiarize yourself with border and customs protection information to ensure that you correctly comply with TAA protocols and preserve your contract.

How Can I Become TAA Compliant?

Given that the TAA was passed with the intention of making international trade fair and open, adhering to the act is simple. Fundamentally, you must agree that each final product you sell either has been or will be “substantially transformed” in the United States or in another compliant country of origin during the entirety of your contract term. To support and confirm your agreement, provide written proof through contracts and certifications verifying your claim that all your business end-products derive from compliant countries of origin. Additionally, continue to remain current with all TAA requirements necessary for holding your contract.

If you wonder about a potential compliance problem, research the issue with the TAA immediately. As a result, you can quickly take the necessary actions to fix the problem and avoid the loss of your contract. If your business currently transacts with countries not in compliance with the TAA, or if you are unsure, consult with a TAA professional before filing for compliance.

Finding the Right Pallet for your TAA Compliance Needs

To ensure that everything shipped from your warehouse or manufacturing label adheres to TAA standards, it is imperative to find a reliable pallet supplier who guarantees the pallets are made in the United States or another compliant country. Furthermore, keep in contact with your pallet provider to receive continual confirmation that the company is still compliant. This confirmation works best through a letter of supply agreement, allowing you to have written proof of their operations and where your pallets originate from. Verify the letter documents the original country and its correct, corresponding country of origin code.

If you are looking for a new model of plastic pallets to better support your business needs, we provided a list of five efficient plastic pallets. Additionally, all are manufactured within the United States.

Export Pallets

If your business specializes in, or is mainly comprised of, one-way shipping, this pallet type works in your favor. Generally considered “send and forget,” export pallets are designed to withstand far-loop transportation under heavy weight. With cost-competitive benefits, these durable pallets are environmentally conscious and can be made from HDPE or recycled plastics (ACM).

Economical Pallets

Is your business seeking new opportunities to work just as efficiently with a reduced budget? Are you desiring to replace your wooden pallets with plastic? Consider economical pallets as an inexpensive trial pallet before switching from wooden pallets. They come in a variety of sizes and have low tare weights. Additionally, these also work effectively with one-way and air cargo shipments.

Nestable Pallets

Do you often store large quantities of pallets between shipments in a warehouse or distribution center? Often favored for storage and transportation, nestable pallets lower transport costs and reduce storage fees of up to 75%. This means they take up one-quarter of the space when nested together as compared to models that cannot nest. Additionally, this can save your overall return shipping costs without compromising on the pallet’s durability or longevity.

Stackable Pallets

Similar to nestable pallets, stackable pallets also maintain maximum stability, with or without supporting products. Easy to clean and sanitize, these durable pallets stack well with one another and remain as a popular choice in automated systems due to their easy movement. If your company manufactures for either the food and beverage industry or pharmaceutical trade, this is the ideal pallet model for your shipping needs. The variety of styles they are available in, from vented to solid, make them an easy type of pallet to customize.

Rackable Pallets

Does your warehouse currently support a pallet racking system? If so, heavy-duty rackable pallets are most compatible with your current storing system. Saving warehouse floor space, these durable pallets work well with storing and transporting any products with high sanitation and hygienic requirements as they can be easily cleaned.

Consult with the Plastic Pallet Pros

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