The Plastic Pallet Debate: New vs Used

For nearly every industry, pallets are a great commodity used to hold, store, and transport large quantities of products and goods over land or across oceans. However, with the rise in selling used plastic pallets, there has been some debate regarding if used plastic pallets work just as well. Below, we discuss the different values both new and used pallets offer to help you decide which will best benefit your business.

New Plastic Pallets


#1. Widespread Availability and Range

Since so many varieties of new pallets exist, you should be able to find the specific pallet you are looking for without much trouble. Nesting models that nest neatly together for easy handling and saving floor space; stackable pallets that optimize unitization; and rackable pallets that fit in open pallet racks. There are many manufacturers that each offer different features, sizes and material.  It is often difficult to get your questions answered and to clearly identify the best pallet for your needs.  That is why it is a good idea to partner with an established company that can answer these questions and make sure you find the best pallet for you needs.

For companies large and small, this convenience will allow you to spend less time tracking down a manufacturer with the exact pallets needed so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

#2. No Previous Usage

Plastic pallets in general are a great investment because their quality is unmatched. High density polyethylene (HDPE) pallets are the toughest on the market. They will last a long time and are able to handle heavy weights and thousands of trips. They also do not absorb moisture, which means that they are safe and hygienic. Overall, the durability of HDPE pallets will save you money in the long run. There are pallets made with a variety of virgin and recycled plastics that offer great durability as well.  The benefit with ordering your plastic pallets new is that there is no previous use associated with them, allowing you to use them with increased longevity.

#3. Uniformity and Reduced Malfunctions

If you use automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), you might worry about the machines causing damages to products or pallets. Brand new plastic pallets are beneficial for ASRS applications because they are sturdy and have consistent dimensions. Therefore, they will fit well into machines without any issues or damages. Because of the construction method used to create plastic pallets, surface variability is nearly eliminated, making new plastic pallets better suited for automated applications, reducing jamming and malfunctions.


Higher Out-of-Pocket Costs

Though less costly per trip than wooden pallets in a closed loop system, purchasing new plastic pallets can bring a hefty initial expense. As the original buyer, you need to cover the fees associated with the creation and manufacturing of the pallets. If your company is looking for ways to limit or reduce your pallet budget, keep this drawback in consideration.

Used Plastic Pallets


#1. A Reduced Environmental Footprint

Over the last century, the use of plastic-made products skyrocketed across the globe. From plastic bottles to packaging, this material has limitless single-use applications. However, the world’s manufacturing and distribution rate of plastic has grown to an uncontrollable amount. As a result, our ecosystem is affected and endangered by today’s discarded plastic creations. To help reduce the amount of single-use plastic produced, an eco-friendly solution is to purchase plastic pallets previously used from another owner or manufacture. The more uses you can get out of a single pallet, the fewer plastic and wooden pallets we will see in a landfill. Plastic pallets are easily recycled and are can be produced with recycled plastic as well.  Though you also have the option to buy recycled plastic pallets, purchasing used plastic pallets reduces the greenhouse gases emitted to produce recycled ones.

#2. Lowered Shipping and Overall Expenses

As another benefit to purchasing used plastic pallets, you will notice the lower costs associated with them, increasing their value. Used plastic pallets are sold at a much lower rate than new ones because the original buyer of the pallets already covered the initial fees to create and manufacture the plastic pallets, sparing you the expense! For example, heavier duty pallets—which are used for foreign exports and domestic shipping of heavy products—are on the more expensive end of the pallet spectrum when purchased new. But, since you would buy them used, you get the quality of a heavy-duty pallet for a price closer to pallets used for local shipping of average goods. Therefore, your company saves hundreds to even thousands of dollars annually, causing your profit margin to soar. This is fantastic if your company recently started or is looking to budget and reduce overall expenses while still acquiring the same, quality-driven plastic pallets.

#3. The Same Pallet Longevity

Plastic pallets have a lifespan an average of five to seven years, or around 200 to 250 uses. Once you purchase used plastic pallets and fulfill a shipment with them, all that’s left to do is return them to your storage facility or warehouse! After that, your used plastic pallets are ready for storage or its next order. While used plastic pallets have been previously handled, they tend to be on the gently used side. Therefore, used pallets still offer the same benefits of new plastic pallets. This means that the used plastic pallets you purchase will still last for several years, again increasing its value. Find a distributor with a large network of suppliers and customers they can leverage to help you find what you need.


Seller Reliability

Keep in mind to notice the seller’s reliability. It is important that you focus on buying from a company that helps ensure a customer receiving a quality product. Before buying a used plastic pallet, you should be confident that you are buying from a legitimate and reputable seller. Some things to look for would be a secure website (which you can recognize with the lock icon in the URL bar), reviews from other customers, and easily accessible contact information.

Plastic Pallet Pros: The Reliable Distributor for New and Used Plastic Pallets

Investing in either new or used plastic pallets can prove to be a great decision for your company after considering the value in overall expenses, common availability, and environmental impact. Looking for a trustworthy manufacturer and distributor to supply your plastic pallet needs shouldn’t be complicated either and can make the process much easier. At Plastic Pallet Pros, our experts will guide you in determining the exact plastic pallets needed for your company’s projects or shipments by looking at our current supply to see what we have readily available in our warehouse. Contact us today to see how we can help with your pallet needs.