Pharmaceutical Grade Pallets: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, everything is accompanied by a law, regulation, or guideline. Consider all the different steps to deliver pharmaceutical products and goods to a consumer: research and development, product manufacturing and testing, and shipping and distribution. Although equally important, shipping pharmaceutical products seems to be the least challenging step, so long as you utilize pharmaceutical grade plastic pallets. In the content below, we explore everything you need to know about pharmaceutical pallets.

Pharmaceutical Pallets and Sanitation

The pharmaceutical industry has no room for marginal error regarding sanitation. Everyone, from the CEO and stockholders to the product consumers expect top-notch quality assurances with every product and delivery.

A key element of this equation includes the sanitation process of every step until the product reaches the consumers’ hands. Plastic pallets play a large role in product hygiene from loading the product, throughout the shipping route, and onto the store display.

Will any pallet do? How do you know your pallets will keep your product safe and free from contamination? The key to this is the material used to make them. There are three choices—wood, plastic, and metal. Below are the benefits and drawbacks to each.

Pharmaceutical Pallets and Pallet Quality

Wood Pallets

For a long time, wood pallets were the only pallet option available. However, they come with inherent risks such as:

  • A shortened lifespan due to easily broken boards and decks
  • Exposed nails that can puncture product containers
  • Moisture absorption turning the wood into a breeding ground for bacteria and microorganisms such as E. coli, salmonella, and listeria
  • The need to heat-treat the wood or treat with a fungicide and pesticide.

Alternatively, they are the most economical of the three options at first glance due to a lower initial purchase price. However, this benefit can quickly turn into a disadvantage as their lifespan is exponentially shorter when compared against the other two options.

Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are quickly gaining market share as manufacturers discover its possible 10-year, 250 trip lifespans, making them more profitable than wood pallets. Once the ROI of plastic pallets is determined, the cost savings make the decision easy to make.

As plastic pallets can also be made from lightweight polyethylene, its plastic resin results in a surface that not only is easily cleaned and sanitized, but works as a reliable pallet for pharmaceutical use. Together, these properties make plastic pallets the perfect choice for an industry that requires a clean, contaminant-free environment.

Metal Pallets

Like plastic pallets, metal pallets are also easy to clean and sanitize. However, there are three downsides including cost, weight, and pallet hardness. With a higher initial purchase price, it may be more difficult for your business to purchase a vast quantity of pallets. Additionally, with a heavier pallet, you will have to allot a greater shipping budget for when you send out your pallets.

However, perhaps the largest downsize of metal pallets is the product material itself. The hardness of a metal pallet can result in scratched flooring that over time, increases maintenance and sanitation costs. Therefore, it may be more difficult to calculate a true ROI when comparing metal pallets to plastic pallets.

Pharmaceutical Pallets with Plastic Pallet Pros

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