7 Benefits of Buying Plastic Pallets Through a Master Distributor

When beginning a new business, restructuring your shipping processes, or just evaluating new options, it can feel inundating to find a reliable plastic pallet resource. However, by finding a reliable stock holding master distributor, you can feel relieved in knowing that you will have greater success finding the right plastic pallets for your industry needs. In the content below, we explore seven benefits of buying plastic pallets through a stock holding master distributor.

#1. Building a Relationship

As one benefit of buying plastic pallets through a master distributor, you create the opportunity to build a relationship with your pallet distributor. The right master distributor should be more than just a supplier of plastic pallets, they should be a partner and a resource for your company.  Your distributor will learn more about your business and your industry needs in terms of plastic pallet inventory. This provides you with an advantage in your ability to find the right plastic pallets, whereas pallet manufacturers may fail to take the time to understand your needs supply the right pallet.

#2. Reliable Responsiveness

In the event you are in urgent need of plastic pallets without providing adequate notice, any other pallet manufacturer may not respond in time. There are long lead times for plastic pallet orders from pallet manufacturers.  However, with a stock holding master distributor, they not only have the sufficient inventory to supply your business needs, they also follow through with prompt communication and respond to you as the buyer.

It is rather unlikely that a pallet manufacturer will respond in a timely manner when you have an urgent request. Furthermore, if your order fails to meet their designated minimum order quantities, they may not even supply your order at all!

Also, not all distributors have the capacity to warehouse and stock inventory and may not be able to help either. Stock holding master distributors do not typically require minimum order quantities, operate under different procedures, and have the ability to stock your pallet in their inventory. Therefore, they can fill your orders without long lead times, regardless of quantity.

#3. Value Added Services

Pallet manufacturers typically offer one or two services, such as manufacturing and recycling pallets. Also, most distributors do not offer added value services or stock inventory.  It is important to find a stock holding distributor that can offer value added services to buyers such as pallet buyback programs, pallet return and sort or recycling, warehousing, and other special request services, like Plastic Pallet Pros. As a result, you can rely on your stock holding master distributor for multiple pallet services as opposed to finding different manufacturers and suppliers for each service need.

#4. Avoid Lead Time Delays

Manufacturers typically refrain from making an excessive surplus of inventory to prevent an over-supply of a product low in demand. As a result, they manufacture pallet types according to their retail trend and current demand. This can be problematic if your business needs a large quantity of pallets that the manufacturer has a low supply of.

As mentioned above regarding reliable responsiveness, it is imperative that companies receive their pallet orders quickly to avoid lead time delays. By working with a stock holding master distributor, their stocked inventory allows pallet orders to be fulfilled instantly and can be prepared for delivery right away. It is important to work with a master distributor that has the ability to warehouse and stock your pallet for future orders.

#5. Ability to Source the Best Solution

When your business requires multiple pallet types for your various shipping needs, it is crucial that you can fulfill all your pallet needs through the same supplier. By buying plastic pallets through a master distributor, you gain access to multiple pallets and purchasing options as opposed to being tied to one or two options from a limited manufacturer.

#6. Better Buying Power

Pallet manufacturers are rigid in their product prices and will rarely allow for negotiation. However, a master distributor has the adequate balance of supply and demand to levy negotiation. As a result, you as the buyer obtain a higher buying power to negotiate fair prices for your pallet orders.

#7. No Minimum Order Size

It can be difficult for smaller businesses to place plastic pallet orders with manufacturers whose minimum order quantity exceeds what the business can afford. However, stock holding master distributors offer a greater flexibility in which they can sell orders of any quantity. This allows small businesses or startup companies to worry less about the cost for pallets they will not use.

Finding the Right Stock Holding Master Distributor with Plastic Pallet Pros

Finding a master distributor for your plastic pallet needs does not have to be a stressful experience! At Plastic Pallet Pros, we serve as your dedicated stock holding master distributor, working hard to find and fulfill your pallet needs in a timely manner. Additionally, we offer extended services such as pallet buyback programs, pallet sorting, and pallet warehousing that create a more efficient pallet supplying process for you and your business.

Our experts will guide you through our current supply to see what we have readily available in our warehouse. Additionally, we will help you decide which pallets best support your industry needs. Contact us today to see how we can begin a partnership with your business.