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RRM 1000 48 X 40 (B-GRADE)

 $11.19  Sale Price: $6.95!

Quantity Range Price Per Pallet
10-99 -$15.39-  $11.49
100-299 -$14.69-  $10.28
300-599 -$13.99-  $9.09
600-899 As Low As $6.95




Available at a tremendous discount, the RRM 1000 (B-GRADE) is the lightest and most cost effective new 48×40 pallet in our program. With a weight of only 11 lbs and pricing as low as $6.95, this pallet is as economic as it gets. It is excellently suited for one-way shipping and air cargo. It could also be utilized as an inexpensive trial pallet before making the switch from wood to plastic.

The B-Grade designation is due to minor flaws during injection molding. Due to those flaws they fail to meet our high quality standards. In most cases, flaws will not effect functionality and performance of the pallet.

The RRM 1000 (B-GRADE) is still made of recycled ACM just like the standard RRM 1000.

Minor flaws could include but are not limited to: discoloration, cracks or chips, or missing material

Data Sheet (click here)

Additional information

Weight 11-12 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 in
Static Load Capacity

Dynamic Load Capacity

2,200 lbs

Quantitiy Per Stack


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