Examining AI’s Role in the Plastic Pallet Industry

There is one very sharp line being drawn in the sand when it comes to AI software and its benefits or downfall. Some insist that AI is helpful and changing the way we work, while naysayers argue AI will be the undoing of civilization. Regardless of which side you land on, it appears inevitable that AI is here to stay. Can the pallet industry be helped by the power of AI?

The short answer is yes, AI can help the pallet industry as well as the supply chain industry. But nothing easy comes in short answer form. Therefore, in this article, Plastic Pallet Pros offers important ways we see AI benefiting the plastic pallet industry. 

Most interesting to note is the Harvard Business Review’s recent nod to major companies achieving global success with the strategic implementation of AI. Unprecedented uncertainties created by such events as the Russa-Ukraine conflict and COVID-19 mean companies such as Walmart, Tyson Foods, Koch Industries, and Maersk are utilizing AI to analyze and prevent supply chain disruptions. 

AI might be a new concept to the average person’s conversation, but the supply chain industry has always been a leader in implementing strategic opportunities for enhancement. The power of AI is unprecedented in its massive ability to sort and filter data rapidly as well as eliminate mistakes caused by human error. Here are the five most common ways the supply chain industry is, and has been, leaning on AI:

  • Detecting alternative suppliers
  • Anticipating supply chain disruptions
  • Identifying new, acceptable suppliers
  • Negotiating transportation rates
  • Utilizing website Chatbots for client inquiries

Many programs and software are being developed at a rapid rate to fulfill the many growing opportunities for AI implementation. How will you know which program is right for you? Before considering which AI or automation to use in your logistics operation, consider asking yourself the following questions:

  1. What problems do you want to solve with AI?
  2. What are the potential benefits of AI for your operations?
  3. How can AI be integrated into your existing processes?
  4. What are the training and resource requirements for implementing AI?
  5. How will you measure the success of AI implementation?

By addressing these questions, it is possible to develop a clear understanding of your company’s needs and goals, making informed decisions about potential AI solutions for your logistics operations.

As a leader in the supply chain industry, you are already well aware that AI is much more powerful than the marginalized Chat GPT. However, regardless of society’s attitude regarding AI, it’s clear that the supply chain industry is already tapping into, and benefitting from, the power of artificial intelligence.
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