Stacking & Storage Checklist for Your Warehouse

Stacking pallets in a warehouse or another large space is not as easy as it seems. The manner in which your pallets are stacked really does have the potential to enhance or compromise your warehouse operations. However, most business owners, managers, and employees may not be exactly certain how to best approach pallet stacking and storage. Follow the stacking and storage checklist detailed below and you will find your warehouse is that much more organized, easy to navigate, and safe for all.

Ensure the Bases of Your Stacks Are Level

Though your eyes probably don’t gravitate down toward the floor as you walk through your warehouse, the stability of your stacks ultimately hinges on whether the bases are level. Don’t assume the bases of your stacks are perfectly level. Take some time to inspect stack bases to confirm they are indeed level.

If you notice an imbalance at the base, rectify it—even if it means taking down the stack and starting over. After all, the last thing you want is for a tilted base to cause everything above to fall, crash to the floor, and endure considerable damage. The worst-case scenario is a stack that is not level toppling onto an employee and causing an injury while also ruining product.

Stack Only Similarly Sized and Shaped Materials Together

Grouping items that are different in terms of shape or size has the potential to backfire, making it important to not haphazardly stack pallets, inventory, and other items in a random manner. There should be some logic to the stacking in your warehouse, mainly in the form of grouping materials of the same shape and size with one another. Such uniformity in stacking ensures stacks are as stable as possible. Furthermore, this level of organization makes it that much easier to retrieve specific items when they are needed.

Use Pallets and Containers in Good Condition

It is a mistake to use a pallet or container that is in poor condition. If your pallets/containers are even slightly compromised, they have the potential to falter when you need them the most. As with most of the items on this list, a compromised pallet or container can fail, causing everything above to come tumbling down, resulting in damaged inventory and employee injuries.

Inspect your pallets and containers to ensure they are in good condition and eliminate those that are flawed. Your employees will be grateful for the high-quality pallets and containers. Just as important is the fact that your materials will be less likely to fall or suffer other damage. Keep in mind, the cost of new pallets and containers is quite small compared to the cost of smashed inventory and workers’ compensation claim premium hikes resulting from employee injuries caused by warehouse stacking mistakes.

Use Strong Pallet Racking Systems

When was the last time you thought about the strength of your warehouse racks? It is easy to overlook rack strength simply because racks are often covered with products and other materials, so they tend to be out of mind.

However, if you overload your racks or if they are incapable of supporting materials of a certain weight, they will eventually falter. Replace weakened or otherwise faulty racks with comparably strong racks and you will rest easy knowing you have done your part to ensure your inventory remains properly stacked and supported even when you have more materials than anticipated.

Stack Away From Aisles and Emergency Exits

It is awfully tempting to maximize every square inch of your warehouse or other facility by stacking materials and other items throughout the entirety of the available space. Resist this temptation and restrict stacking to the primary areas designated for the storage of your materials.

Though stacking near the emergency exits and aisles makes the most of your limited space, it is a mistake to use these spaces as they are traversed by employees, visitors, and others. If your stack were to topple in such an area, it would likely collide with an employee or another person in the part of the aisle designated for walking. There is also a chance a toppled stack by the emergency exit will prevent employees from departing the building in a timely manner in the event of a fire or another emergency.

Monitor Your Stacks to Ensure They Remain Stable

Though warehouse pallet stacks are easy to lose sight of as they are away from your office or other workspace, it is important to monitor them. This is not to say you have to point a webcam directly at each of your warehouse stacks to ensure they are upright and sturdy. Rather, it is in your interest to check out the integrity of your stacks from time to time to guarantee they are in good shape, stable, and capable of remaining upright until items must be retrieved.

If your office is positioned far away from the warehouse, do not hesitate to outsource the stack monitoring responsibility to another employee to guarantee your stacks remain stable for as long as they are required.

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