3 Plastic Pallets for Freezer Use

Is your company in the food or pharmaceutical industry? Searching for the right pallet type that proves effective for both freezer use and shipping can feel inundating at times. We are here to help! In the content below, we discuss what makes a pallet suitable for freezer use and explore the top three plastic pallets for freezer use.

The Main Components of a Plastic Freezer Pallet

To work effectively for freezer use, a plastic pallet must be able to withstand extreme cold temperatures and adjust accordingly when in extreme heat conditions. To do so, plastic pallets should be made with Polyethylene (PE). Alternatively, Polypropylene (PP) is also suitable for freezer use, however it will be more brittle than Polyethylene (PE).

Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE) are the most common plastic used to make plastic pallets. Both plastic types are very durable, complete with impact and tensile strength that promises pallet longevity.

PP and PE are great for closed loop or in-house applications, where pallets are expected to be used often and last for several years. The plastic pallet model RRM 5600 is an excellent example of this. Its description, in part, reads:

“The high impact strength of this plastic pallet significantly reduces the risk of damage with such improper handling, and thus extends the service life. The pallet can be equipped with additional metal reinforcements. This makes the pallet highly durable and perfectly suited for high racks.”

Therefore, with durability and longevity in mind, the use of PE and PP in plastic pallets allows it to maintain its shape and strength even when used for freezer applications.

3 Plastic Pallets for Freezer Use

With the new understanding that a pallet for freezer use should be comprised of polyethylene or polypropylene, we can now explore which plastic pallets are best for this application. Below are our top three plastic pallets for freezer use.

Stackable Pallets

For those working in the food or pharmaceutical industry, stackable pallets may be one of the best plastic pallets for freezer use! With the ability to clean and sanitize these pallets easily, this option is highly durable and a popular choice in automated systems because they are easily maneuvered. Furthermore, they are offered in various styles ranging from vented to solid, making them an easy type of pallet to customize according to your business needs.

Lightweight and budget-friendly, stackable pallets are great for purchasing in small quantities before completely transitioning from wood to plastic pallets. Stackable pallets are manufactured to maintain maximum stability with or without products loaded. However, these pallets can function with or without a racking system as they stack well with each other even while carrying products.

Nestable Pallets

Durable and able to withstand large shipment loads, nestable pallets are favorites for use in warehouses, distribution centers, and for transportation from factories to warehouses or retail centers. This is optimal for industries with limited space since nestable pallets take us so much less space than standard rackable pallets.

Nestable pallets provide optimal protection for goods as it functions well in extreme climatic conditions such as refrigerators and freezers. Its advanced design provides improved support for goods, perfect for crates and bins. Additionally, nestable pallets have feet that are designed specifically to prevent them from sticking to ice.

Rackable Pallets

Heavy-duty and compatible with a warehouse racking system, rackable pallets are perfect when working with large loads.

These pallets work with any industry and warehouse, perfect for processing, manufacturing, and distribution. As rackable pallets are designed to function in tandem with a racking system, you can trust that these pallets remain safe and secure while in storage.

Rackable pallets are excellent for high rotations. Made of impact-resistant Polypropylene (PP) or Polyethylene (PE), without metal reinforcements, this pallet is ideal for semi-hygienic applications and for high-rotation usage such as open or closed pools. Additionally, these pallets are suitable for industries that require routine cleaning and sanitation.

Additionally, some rackable pallets are made using gas-assist technology. This feature allows internal hollow channels to make the pallet more rigid, providing a safer storage and transporting of goods in freezers. The excellent design guarantees pallet longevity and provides impact resistant recycled material.

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