Top Ten Plastic Pallet Advantages

Plastic pallets have become the hero of a massive industry. Traditional wooden pallets were made to suit the needs of logistics companies around the world and are still widely used today, but that is about it. Plastic pallets hold distinct advantages over traditional wooden pallets. We think some change is long warranted. In the content below, we explore the top ten plastic pallet advantages that leave wooden pallets in the dust!

Top Ten Plastic Pallet Advantages

Increased Longevity and Durability

Plastic pallets have proven time and time again the ability to stand up to the repeated abuse of a closed-loop system. On average, the standard wooden pallet typically lasts about a dozen uses, whereas plastic pallets can be reused over 200 times!

Lighter Weight

Plastic pallets generally weigh less than your standard wood pallet. This advantage is two-fold. The lighter weight makes handling easier and reduces strain on employees. It also reduces the overall shipping cost due to a lesser load on the truck


Plastic pallets can pull double-duty. Not only will they make the haul from point A to point B, but because they don’t scuff, warp, or crack like a wood pallet, you can display product on the floor if you want.


Plastic pallets reduce workforce hazards like wood splinters, nails, or loose joints making for a healthier, more efficient crew.

Earth Friendly

Reduce, reuse, recycle. We all learned in grade school that saving trees is good! Plastic pallets last longer than wood pallets, thus reducing your overall material waste. One plastic pallet for every 15+ wooden pallets. Plastic pallets are also completely recyclable, thus greatly reducing your company’s disposal and landfill costs.

More Sanitary

Plastic pallets meet requirements for specific food grade and pharmaceutical applications which reduce the risk of contamination. Not to mention they’re easy to clean between uses.

Weather Resistant

Plastic pallets won’t warp in situations where water may be an issue. They are rigid and therefore suitable for any climate conditions. Plastic pallets are also impermeable to most chemicals, unlike wood pallets.

Easier Forklift Access

Plastic pallets offer four-way forklift access, unlike their wooden brethren.

Wider Range of Sizes

Nesting models that nest neatly together for easy handling and saving floor space; stackable pallets that optimize unitization; and rackable pallets that fit in open pallet racks.


Because of the construction method used to create plastic pallets, surface variability is nearly eliminated, making plastic pallets better suited for automated applications, reducing jamming and malfunctions.

Plastic Pallet Advantages with Plastic Pallet Pros

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