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PPP 134.0 Used 39.5 x 39.5 x 6



Reusable, Or Not – It’s Up to You:

This open deck, 6 runner, plastic pallet is designed to be used once or returned for future shipments – depending on your needs. Made with highly durable plastic, our export pallets are strong enough to last for multiple trips but are also priced appropriately for a one-use option.


PPP 134.0 export pallets are designed to offer you savings at every step of the shipment process while remaining durable enough to provide professional-grade protection. Due to the stackable nature and light weight design, you will also be able to save on air freight and truckload delivery costs.

Whatever, and however, you ship, these export pallets will add up to big savings for your company.


Perhaps the largest benefit of PPP 134.0 Plastic Export Pallets is the peace of mind they deliver.
Made from highly durable, weather-resistant plastic, these pallets don’t require heat treatment, fumigation, or any larva-free certification. They also do not need to meet ISPM 15 regulations and won’t rot, split, or suffer from mildew.

Eliminate the traditional difficulties associated with export pallets and enjoy issue-free shipping overseas with PPP 134.0.

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Black, Green





Deck Type

Open Deck

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6 Runner



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